10 Surprising Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its benefits on hair, but this wonder oil has numerous other benefits. Taken both internally and externally the oil has gained popularity across the globe.  This oil is said to be a superfood as it proves to be beneficial for your heart, does wonders on your skin and is commonly used for cooking as well. Did you know that coconut oil helps in functioning of brain or even helps to reduce weight?  From being a beauty aid to food enhancer, scroll over as we bring you some of best yet surprising uses of coconut oil Heals Cuts And wounds Coconut oil is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It works as a natural moisturiser and prevent scarring of the skin. Simply clean the area and apply coconut oil on the wounds. Cover the wound with bandage and repeat the process several times a day Oral Care Coconut oil is used from several centuries to aid mouth cleansing and fight bacteria present in mouth. It helps to heal gums, repairs teeth and fights plaque. It promotes healthy teeth and helps to fight bad breath.  To use, melt a teaspoon of coconut oil and rinse mouth well with it twice a day Skin Moisturiser Coconut oil works on your skin as a natural moisturiser as it penetrates skin deep, making your skin soft and supple. It also helps to rejuvenate your skin, slows down the aging process and adds a natural glow to your skin. Packed with emollients, coconut oil prevents and treats wrinkles and fine lines and preserves the smoothness of skin. To use, dab a few drops of the oil directly on your skin every night. Works Great As A Hair Mask If you want to improve the health of your hair and make it soft, smooth and shiny, use coconut oil hair mask. To use coconut oil as hair mask, slightly warm up the oil and apply it to the roots. You can also add honey to coconut oil or mix it with olive oil, castor oil or olive oil to get lustrous hair. Leave the oil on hair for 2 hours or you can even leave it overnight for the oil to work on your scalp. Frying & Baking Coconut oil is edible oil which not only enhances the flavours of your food but also does wonders to body when indigested. Being saturated oil, coconut oil increases good cholesterol in your blood. It is low in calories, energises your body and improves your body metabolism. Prevents Diaper Rashes The antimicrobial content of coconut oil makes it a perfect remedy to treat diaper rash in your babies. The lauric acid present in this wonder oil fights the yeast and promotes healing. Apply the oil with help of a soft tissue or cotton and gently rub in your baby’s skin before changing the diapers. Removes Stretch Marks Post pregnancy or after a certain weight loss, stretch marks appear on the body. These marks can be effectively reduced with help of coconut oil as the antioxidants present in the oil fight the free radicals and nourish the skin. The oil penetrates deep in the skin and  gets easily absorbed. Apply substantial amount of oil on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day Clean Kitchen Appliances   [caption id="attachment_497" align="alignnone" width="600"] Coconut oil on a bamboo mat[/caption] You can easily get rid of grease, oil marks and stains from your kitchen appliances with help of coconut oil. Oil the blades of sharp kitchen appliances like blenders and grinders with coconut to protect them from getting rusty and keep them sharp. Clean Leather Materials Coconut oil is non toxic and not rancid nature it is considered to be a perfect solution to clean leather goods like leather shoes, handbags, jackets etc. Buff the things you want to clean with a clean cloth to remove dust and dirt and then rub in with a cloth that has been dabbed with coconut oil.