12 DIY Hacks To Get Attractive Eyelashes

When it comes to eye lashes, most women would apply a neat coat of mascara and they are good to go. However over past few years, falsies have embarked our vanity boxes and many women love to go for it get thicker lashes. You don’t need to always depend on false eyelashes to get the volume, length or curls. To save your eyes from artificiality and get the desired look, follow some astonishing tricks that we are listing here that will give you gorgeous eyelashes and will make look absolutely stunning :

Heat Eye Lash Curler

To make your eyelash curler work effectively, slightly heat it up with hair dryer. This is will give better curl to your lashes. Ensure that curler is not too hot before using it on your lashes.

Create Intensity

To get better curls in your lashes, turn your eyelash curler upside down and use it from upper edges of your lashes.

Use Spoon To Avoid Smudges

To avoid smudges of mascara on lower lashes, hold a spoon under your lash and then swipe mascara wand over your lashes.

Horizontal VS Vertical

When you want add volume and thickness to your lashes use the mascara wand horizontally, this look is more intense and works best in evenings. For a more natural look especially in mornings use mascara wand vertically.

Create Thickness

To add thickness in your lashes, apply mascara on both sides of your lashes. The trick is to apply mascara on both inner and outer side to make them look fuller.

Curl Up Lashes

Wiggle your mascara wand back and forth several times to curl them up naturally. To keep your lashes curled up for longer duration swipe a thicker coat of mascara on inner end of lashes and a lighter stroke on outer ends.

Water Proof

You can make your mascara last longer easily by applying two coats of different mascaras. Apply the first coat of mascara with regular mascara and second coat with water proof mascara.

Remove Excess Mascara

To avoid smudges and clumps on your lashes, dab mascara wand on a tissue paper a couple of times. This will remove the excess mascara from the wand and allow you to give a neat sweep to your lashes.

Bend Mascara Wand

Get even coating of mascara on your lashes by bending the brush on the mascara wand. The trick allows you to apply mascara effectively and gives more intensity to your eyes.

Re-Wet Your Mascara

Often your mascara gets dried up or gets clumpy. To revive mascara, add a few drops of saline solution to it and shake the mascara tube well. Your mascara will be good to go. You can aklso add a few drops of jojoba oil to revive it.

Remove Mascara Smudges

The best way to remove mascara smudges from your eyelids is to allow them to dry up first and then gently run an ear bud over it. You can also dip cotton bud in a concealer to cover up the smudge.