14 Fantastic Instagram Beauty Tricks That Actually Work!

There was a time when instagram was a platform where one would find most people’s accounts packed with selfies. But now a day’s instagram is no longer just a selfie spot, people are now posting some of best kept beauty secrets on their accounts. Instagram is buzzing high with the tricks that not just save time but also fix some of the common beauty issues. Check out some of the brilliant beauty hacks that are now trending on Instagram : Fix Bra With Moleskin Padding. If your underwire bra is having some stitching failures, you can easily fix them with moleskin padding that can be safely placed to cover the bra malfunction areas. Curl Hair With Hair Band To get curls in a jiffy, instead of going through the process of using curlers and rollers, simply roll up and wrap your hair for few hours in a hair ban Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Or Smaller To make your eyes look bigger, use white eyeliner to line the waterline on the lower eye lid. Similarly to make your eyes look smaller, use dark eyeliner to line the waterline. Brighten Winged Eyeliner To give your eyes a sparkling look with winged eyeliner, apply base coat of white eye shadow. This will make the shades appear brighter. Apply winged eyeliner with your colour choice and finish the look with a streak of mascara. Use Old Eye Shadow If you have a dried up eye shadow, then mix it up with a soft cream or Vaseline to create a new lip balm for your vanity case. Instant Root Touch Up To touch up your greys instantly, use the eye shadows that are closest to your hair colour. Apply it with help fine brush to cover the roots. Clean Brushes With Oil Mix olive oil or any mineral oil with dish soap in equal quantities and clean all of your makeup brushes with this solution. Dip the brushes in the solution until all the left over makeup losens up, clean thoroughly and rinse well. Coffee Scrub Cleanse your body and get rid of dead skin cells with help of coffee scrub. Simply powder the ground coffee beans and apply on your body. Leave it on as you enjoy a cup of coffee for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse well. Choose Right Foundation To find the perfect foundation for your skin tone, before you purchase the foundation, instead of checking it on your face or back of your hand, do a patch test on your neck. The colour that matches closest to your neck is the perfect tone for foundation. Revive Dried Up Mascara Often mascara gets dried up, although if your mascara was purchased 6 months ago it’s time to replace it. However if it still comparatively new and has got flaky, you can easily revive it by adding few drops of jojoba oil into it. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer To make your lipstick stay longer, after applying lipstick, lace a tissue paper on your lips and dust some translucent powder over it with help of brush. Save Space Stack up all of your makeup brushes neatly with this DIY makeup holder. Take a sushi mat and run elastic through the mesh. Stitch the elastic at each end and fix your brushes neatly in this brush holder. Invent A New Nail Paint With Eye shadow Mix a little bit of tint with a neutral or white nail paint and blend it well to create a new shade of nail paint instantly.