8 Clothing Items Which Might Not Suit You

Fashion exists in the world for a reason. Clothes have the ability to enhance your attractive side and make you look appealing. But, if you end up wearing clothes that make you look fatter and shorter, you might want to check your dressing sense. There is no harm in agreeing that you can make yourself look better by having the right fashion sense.

#1.Shortened Loose Pants Make You Look Short.

These pants end up dividing your silhouette because of which legs look heavy and even short. Your body would look like a triangle. You should rather wear skinny pair of ankle-length pants. If you want to have loose pants, prefer the one which opens at your ankles and make you look tall.

#2. Dresses Without Clear Silhouette

These dresses add extra volume in random places and it doesn’t look good. It can ruin the perfect figure as well. Your dress would look good if it has a defined waist. These dresses look feminine.

#3.Stripped Pants

Say no to stripped pants. Your body would look even wider because the stripes stretch at the hip area. Pants shouldn’t have weird and distinct prints. Smaller prints at some areas of the pants that aren’t so strict, would make them look lot nicer.

#4. Similarly, Avoid Pants With Large Prints.

Prints look good only if they are in lighter versions. You don’t want an abstract art painting sketched all over your pants. Pants should have one basic tone on them and only a tint of colorful print. This would make your legs look slimmer as well.

#5. Avoid Wearing Over-sized Clothes.

Now it might be cool to wear your boyfriend’s shirt time to time, but it’s a good idea only for your comfort zone and when you are inside your home. Over-sized jackets are even worse. You should try not to add so much bulk over your body or it would make you look like your insides are screaming, “Get me out of it.”

#6. Avoid Contrast Jeans

If your jeans are fading from too dark to too light, they wouldn’t look good. Faded jeans are a good idea only if they have the single tone running on them. Otherwise you legs would look heavy because the colors have been faded around hip area.

#7. Horizontal Stripes Don’t Look Good.

These type of t-shirts and sweaters only look good on skinny girls. If you have volume on your figure, you should prefer avoiding them. Avoid neck touching sweaters as well. If you have a fuller body, V-neck t-shirts would look attractive.

#8. Avoid Maxi Skirts If You Are Short

They look good on tall and slim girls. Plump girls are going to look even healthier in these. Long sleeve blouse would go so much better with miniskirts, instead of full length skirts. Similarly, if you still focus on wearing maxi skirts, only wear tank tops or without sleeve t-shirts with them.