DIY Hacks That Completely Change Every Girl’s Life!

Women work hard. They have a million responsibilities, but every woman still wants to look good after a tiring day. She wants to look the best she can, when she wakes up in morning and heads out. There are cosmetics in the market trying to remove all the flaws, but here are few homemade tricks which would be helpful. Lemon and Honey Blackheads are tough to remove, but both lemon and honey work great. Lemon has Vitamin C which would help in fighting blackheads. Honey provides the essential moisture. Eye Pencil and Lip Balm If you dip the tip of eye pencil into lip balm, the balm would become softer to apply. Get smoky eyes Sketch hashtags on the outer corner of your eyelid and keep blending them on the eyelid to get smoky eyes. Deodorant bottle and oil Fill some oil in your empty deodorant bottle and use it to massage your face. Suspender and Jeans The back gap in jeans is annoying and you can get rid of it by attaching a suspender to the belt loops. Hand cream and apple cider vinegar. You will get smooth skin if you use hand cream mixed with some apple cider vinegar. Tape or Band Aids on your Toes To save your toes from tearing apart because of your new sandals, you can apply band aids on them. Shaving foam and Sugar A good body scrub can be made by mixing sugar into the shaving foam. Dark nail polish stains can be removed. Soak your nails into hot water, mixed with some hydrogen peroxide and a bit of baking soda. Eyeliner and contact lens solution You can add few drops of contact lens solution into dried eyeliner to keep it liquid and bring it back to new.