Find The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

While you may like the look of a particular hairstyle on a friend or a superstar, but that does not mean at all that the same will look good on your face as well. Ah yes, everyone’s face out there has a While you may love the look of a certain hairstyle on a friend or a celebrity, that does not mean the look will work well on you. The face of everyone has a different shape and a different bone structure and important features can mean a different reduction is necessary. It is important to know the shape of your face if you can find the hairstyle that suits you best. There are five face shapes which are the most common.

1. If Your Face Is Oval In general, if your face is oval, this is the ideal form. Most models have oval faces, and almost any hairstyle will look nice on you. Your hair will be pleasing to any length, and also looks especially nice when pulled back to show your specifications. Some hairdressers advise against wearing heavy bangs that hide your features. 2. Second Type Of Face Is Considered A Long Face The second type of face is considered a long face, oblong or rectangle. With this type of face shape, you will want a hairstyle that does not add more length to your face. The length hair is best, as long hair can pull the face down and super short hair can make the look of the more severe form of the face. A chin-length bob looks especially nice on a long face and bangs, which can both make the face appear shorter. 3. If You Have A Round Face If you have a round face, a hairstyle that ends below the chin and has fullness on top will keep the focus on the sides of your face, which is the round part. Layers will also reduce the weight on the sides of the face, which can make the face appear thinner. Experts advise against the free cuts are a length and against curly hair, adding volume to the sides of the face. 4. If You Have Square-Shaped Face  A square-shaped face with a strong jaw, angular can be softened with curls or waves around the face. As long textured layers soften the look of a square jaw. Bobs and bangs should be avoided because they can focus on the square shape of your face rather than soften, as long straight hair. 5. Finally, If You Have A Heart Shaped Finally, if you have a heart shaped face, de-emphasizing your pointy chin is generally a good idea, with the addition of fullness below the line of the narrow jaw. A chin-length bob with more fullness in the back is flattering. You should avoid any haircut with fullness on the upper side, because this can still highlight an already dominant forehead and make even more narrow jaw.