How To Remove Skin Tags On Your Neck Easily At Home!

Acrochordons, or commonly known as skin tags are non cancerous growth on your skin which can still bother you a lot. These are made of blood vessels and collagen and are surrounded by an outer layer of skin and then connected by a peduncle. Generally, they appear on neck and the areas where skin folds, like armpits, groin, thighs and eyelids. They are round and are very tiny in size. Both males and females can develop these and they can seem bit ugly. Here are tips how you can get rid of them: Dental Floss or String You can tie a knot around the skin tag which will cut the blood circulation. This in turn, will lead it to become blue or black and then fall of. You need a bandage to cover the wound immediately. Change the bandage each day till skin repairs itself. Make sure that the dental floss doesn’t cut your skin. Apple Cider Vinegar This is the safest option to remove skin tags because its acidic and would break down the excessive cells present in the skin tag. Apply it using a cotton ball and then leave it on by covering it with a bandage. After couple of hours, rinse it all off using lukewarm water. You need to follow this for a couple of days before the skin tag dries and drops down. Tea Tree Oil Put few drops of tea tree oil on cotton ball and apply it on the skin tag. Let it air dry and repeat the process 2 to 3 times daily. It is antiseptic as well which is why it could be very safe to use it as you would avoid any kind of infection. Iodine It is also one of the natural ways to dry off the skin tag and drop it down. You need to dip a cotton swap in liquid iodine. But avoid applying it on the healthy skin and cover it up with bandage. Make sure you apply it on the skin tag once daily. Nail Polish Nail polish is going to suffocate the skin tag which will cause it to fall off. When you apply it, allow it to dry off on its own and then apply a bandage. Let it stay overnight. Repeat it daily until the tag is gone. Castor Oil It won’t even leave a scar if you use castor oil. You have to mix one part of castor oil with two parts of baking soda to create a paste. Apply this paste onto the skin tag and cover it up with a bandage. Leave it overnight and then rinse it off. Apply it daily. Be careful as after the procedure if the skin growth bleeds, itches or changes color, it could cause adverse effects.