6 Celebrity Couples Who have Big Age Differences

The say love has no age barrier. You can fall in love with anyone and the age difference just doesn’t matter. It is all about maturity levels and how two people can have a similar thinking. In the celebrity world, you see both cases of older men with young women and young men with older women as well. Here are few listed and no, you shouldn’t be surprised as love sees no limits.

#1. Beyonce And Jay Z

These two have been going out since forever and no one even cared to check the age difference between the two. They are 12 years apart and Jay Z is still full in love with Beyonce. She always wanted a mature man and found Jay Z to be perfect for her. "What Jay and I have is real. It’s not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It’s real.”, she says.

#2.  Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

These is an adorable couple and maybe they don’t look like they have a big age difference but, Blake is 11 years younger to Ryan. It is the bubbly face of Ryan Reynolds that no one gets to know the shocking difference. They have two kids together and are happily together till now. Lively has once been quoted saying, “I knew he would always be my best friend for my whole life.” Oh, so much love!

#3. Jason Statham And Rosie Huntington

Get ready to scratch your eyes and ears, because these two have a massive age difference of 20 years! Rosie said, “"He makes me laugh every day. I almost feel like I never had a proper boyfriend before." Well, what else matters, right?

#4. Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore

I know, I know, they are no longer together. But they had been married for long 8 years. They had an age gap of 16 years with Demi being the elder one. Still, they found love in each other’s eyes. And, in the celebrity world 16 years of marriage does count something when people are breaking up after a year of marriage.

#5. Harrison Ford And Calista Flockhart

Ford was 60 when he fell in love with this young lady. She is 22 years younger to him but still immensely in love. He is surprised that he was able to woo her and still have a long term relationship, even at that age. He says he tried to learn from his past mistakes which made him capable of keeping this lady in his life.

#6. Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo

They have been married since 2014 and have an age difference of almost 10 years. His song might be dedicated to this beautiful lady and guess, he would have wooed her with his charm. What’s 10 year difference when it comes to love? You just need to be young at heart.