Painfully Embarrassing Celebrity Moments,Will Make You Laugh Hard..

You know how candid pictures are. Well, I know how they are to me. Lol. I love them about 90% of the time. When you’re laughing with a friend or playing in your hair and someone captures your picture from across the room, it’s cute….until it’s not. When that cute candid smile isn’t so much of a smile and it’s you digging in your nose (or looking like you are), laughing too hard, a sneeze. That's the natural picture that you would likely remember. But we are average people and it is okay for us, but when it is the celebrities and you are caught up doing something totally weird, it is bound to get viral and commented on by people. Let's check out these pictures of famous celebrities, who might have gone awkward after getting these pictures clicked. Justin Beiber This was such a badly timed pic that so many articles and statements came out from his reps letting everyone know that he did not actually grab this fan's boobs. But you know, this picture is still going to stay on internet forever.

Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine's model wife, Behati Prinsloo.

Bradley Cooper

During the promotional event of Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley seems to not be getting his eyes off Jennifer's silver linings.

Elizabeth Olsen

Just another bad moment.

Kim Kardashian

Its appears like she fail to win this time.

Brad Pitt

just an badly timed photograph.

Oliver Stone

While Oliver Stone looks like he is on to grabbing Salma Hayek's lady lump without any shame, Salma Hayek might be thinking, "What the hell he is doing.", people are busy taking the pictures for the internet.

Jake Gyllenhaal

That's why Jennifer had too many friends.