These 15 Responses To Ex Texts Are So Goddamn Beautiful

1. While this person was just savage as hell:

2. This person just got straight to the point:

3. This person enacted the mom burn:

4. And this person proved that they paid attention in science class:

5. This person immediately shut it down:

6. While this person got their mother involved:

7. This person hit them with the “new life, who dis” line:

8. This person said the same thing three different ways:

9. While this person didn’t even need to use words:

10. This person stated the obvious:

11. And this person was unfazed:

12. Meanwhile, this person played dead:

13. And this person asked the hard questions:

14. This person used a special finger to make a point:

15. This person got real about their deepest desires: