12 Beauty Tricks To Get Gorgeous Skin, Hair And Nails!

Every Woman wants to look attractive and have a perfectly flawless skin. Whether you are going out for a date or just hanging out with friends, looking good is what we all desire. From your face to your hands and feet, it is important to take care of your of your skin to look good in even smallest detail. Although due to our busy schedules, we are unable to give time to ourselves, all you need is to spare few minutes for your beauty regime. Here we are giving you some tips and tricks that will save your time, enhance your beauty and will also make you appear absolutely gorgeous : Dry Nail Paint Want to dry off your nails paint quickly after you polish them? Take some water in a small tub and add ice in it. Make sure that the water is really cold. Apply the nail paint of your choice and dip your nails in ice cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. This will solidify the nail paint all the way through. French Manicure To give your nails a French manicure at home neat, make sure that the stickers are in longer width, this will prevent the nail paint smudges and you will able to paint your evenly. Olive Oil To Remove Excess Nail Paint Before applying nail paint on your nails, use olive oil around your cuticles. In case there is excess nail polish that comes on your skin with this trick it will easily come off. Foot Care Take care of you feet and make them silky smooth by applying old face creams. Instead of throwing off the old face creams, apply them on your feet at night and wear socks. By morning you will have softest feet. Slough Off Dead Skin Cells Every minute your skin sheds several dead cells that make your body dull. To renew your skin, invest in a body brush with a long handle. Gently dry brush your body to remove the dead skin before shower. This will also improve the blood circulation in your body. Grow Your Eye Lashes   To get thick lashes, take coconut oil in a jar and castor oil and vitamin E oil to it and mix the oils well. Take few drops of this oil and apply it your eyelashes before you go to sleep every night. Get Luscious Lips Make an instant lip scrub by mixing 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply it on your lips with fingers and gently scrub your lips. Leave it on for 5 minutes and wash. Follow this trick every alternate day to get soft luscious lips. Freshen Up With Ice Wake to a bright skin and sparkling cool eyes with ice in morning. Wash your face and eyes with cold water. Take a cloth and wrap a few ice cubes in it and rub it across your face. This will freshen up your eyes and brighten up your face. Use Business Card To Prevent Smudges   We all know how mascara spoils our makeup as it gets smudged on the eye lids and cheeks. To keep mascara from getting smudged, use a business or credit card on the skin above and skin below the eye lash. Dry Shampoo Your Hair Use dry shampoo or a baby powder to absorb all the excess oil from your hair roots and scalp. Apply gently at night and next morning you will no longer need to shampoo your hair. Be Gentle With Wet Hair Never wrap towel on your hair to dry them. Instead take off the excess water from hair with help of towel or an old t-ship and let them dry naturally. This will prevent hair from getting tangled and damaged. Another trick to keep tangles away is to after your rinse conditioner, allow your hair to dry naturally.