Pictures That Proves Why Things Posted On Social Media Can’t Be Trusted!

A lot of people have crazy trust issues these days. Sometimes I just want to tell people to get over themselves, but other times I cannot help but see that our society can be pretty messed up. On one side, we value transparency and trust and yet we play crazy mind games with each other. Check out the pictures below that will surely prove why you shouldn’t trust images that are posted on the social networking sites!

1.Makes me hungry for shrimp!

2.This Is Known As Photoshop Skills!

3.Well, Sometimes Things Are Not As Pretty At They Seem To Be.

4.You Can Trick Anyone With Your Amazing Photography Skills.

5.This One Looks Beautiful, But This Isn’t Really A Lie, Just Very Lovely Perspective

6.You Have To Admit, These Pictures Are Pretty Ingenious..

7.Can I Just Unsee This?

8.How Do You Get This Job? I Want To Be The Spitter On Wedding Shoots.

9.It’s Incredible!

10.Oh! Don’t Get Tricked!

11. Most Of These Photos Aren’t Lies. A Lot Of Them Show The Photographer In The Exact Position You Would Expect, I Guess.

12.I Actually Really Like The Way People Play With Angles And Lights.

13.It’s A Bit Of A Weird Photo With That Leaves On Her Face!

14.Perspective Photography

15.Seems Pretty Real So Far. If It’s About The Depth Of The Water, He Can Probably Use That Boat In Much Deeper Waters Than He Is In, Right There.