Remove Unwanted Hair With Home Made Hair Removing Wax

One of the most basic parts of women’s beauty is to remove hair from her body. For ages women have been using different techniques of removing hair from the arms, legs, face and other parts of body. Whether you use hair removing cream, shaving, waxing or laser treatment, you know that the hair will usually come back in matter 3 to 4 weeks. These are temporary hair removing method which makes you return back to beauty salon to get hair removed every month. But did you know you can easily make a all natural ingredient wax at home. This wax is widely used in many Asian countries. This wax can not only removes hair but also removes skin tan, making your skin appear fairer. Scroll over to see how you can make this amazing wax to remove unwanted hair from your body :

#1. Hair Removing Wax

Today there are many wax variations that are available in market; however these waxes or other hair removing creams, epilators or laser treatments have their own side effects. Instead of investing your money these you can easily make wax at home with ingredients that are easily available at your home. This wax effectively reduces hair growth over a period of time and with continuous use you will no longer have hair on your body. This wax can be easily used on arms, legs, face or any other part of body. With this wax you will have smooth and soft skin naturally.

#2. Ingredients & Procedure

To make this wax you will need milk – 3 tablespoons, gelatin Powder – 2 teaspoons, baking Soda – ½ teaspoon and cucumber Juice – 1 tablespoon. Wash, peel and grate cucumber. Squeeze the cucumber pulp and extract juice from it.

#3. Procedure To Make The Wax

Take Gelatin in a bowl. Add milk and blend it well. Add baking soda, mix well and finally add cucumber juice. Mix well and make sure that there no lumps in this solution. Microwave this solution for 10 to 12 seconds. You can also use double boiler method to warm this solution. Stir well and ensure that the solution is smooth in consistency and no lumps in it. If there are any lumps, add 1 tablespoon more of milk, mix well and microwave it for another 10 seconds. Your wax is now ready to use.

#4. How To Use The Wax

Take a ice cream stick and apply wax on your hands or any other part of body from where you want to remove hair from. Allow the wax to dry before you peel it off. Once it is dry, gently roll the wax out from your skin. Make sure that you do not scrape or pull it off.  You will notice you have clear and smoother skin and with regular use your hair will be gone. Follow this wax treatment thrice a month in the first month of its use. For next three months use the treatment twice a month. You will notice there is a noticeable reduction in your hair growth. You will soft, smooth and wrinkle free skin with this wax.

#5. Watch The Video Here For Complete Instructions