Give 10 Minutes Of Your Day To Fight Bad Breath With 10 Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

Although we all follow basic hygiene manners everyday including our oral hygiene but still at times you might get bad breath.  Bad breath is directly linked to poor dental hygiene or what you eat. This can be quite disgusting for the people who around you. Bad breath can chase people away from you and your partner may not want to get close to you. To avoid this embarrassing situation we are here listing 10 tried and tested measures that you can follow to fight the bad breath

#1. Brush Teeth And Rinse Well

This is the first and basic step towards oral hygiene. It is important to wash away the food particles from your teeth as they can not only cause bad breath but also lead to cavities. Ensure to brush your teeth twice a day. Also make sure that you brush your gums and tongue to remove all the traces of food from your mouth.

#2. Use Tongue Scrapper

Scrapping tongue is imperative as your tongue is susceptible to bacteria thriving on it.  Scrapping removes the food debris, fungi, toxins and dead cells from the surface of your tongue. Clinical studies have proved that scrapping removes all the bacteria from tongue which helps in keeping bad breath away.

#3. Use Dental Floss

It is essential to use dental floss to remove the tiny particles that get trapped in between your teeth. Some of the very tiny particles do not get washed away with toothbrush and it is thus important to floss your teeth. Flossing also removes gum inflaming bacteria that can cause plague.

#4. Use Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash

Using anti bacterial mouthwash protects teeth against acid produced by bacteria and prevents plaque and gum inflammation. However never use mouthwash directly, dilute it with water, swish for 30 seconds and rinse your mouth.

#5. Chew Gums For Fresh Breath

Chew chewing-gums to fight bad breath. This will keep the saliva active and moist in your mouth and keep the bad breath away.

#6. Quit Smoking

Smoking or chewing tobacco is said to one of main cause of bad breath. It also leads to stained gums and teeth which can be quite embarrassing while you are among friends and peers. Quit smoking to keep your mouth clean and to prevent bad breath. To make your quitting easier you can try nicotine patches.

#7. Avoid Foods that Have Strong Odour

Foods like onions and garlic have very strong odours which cause bad breath. Try and avoid it them especially in their raw form to prevent bad breath. If you must eat them, make you’re your rinse your mouth well with mouthwash after consuming them.

#8. Avoid Coffee And Alcohol

Coffee and alcoholic drinks dry your mouth which leads to bacteria formation and this further causes bad breath. Kick off the habits and if you are unable to quit then rinse your mouth well after consuming these beverages.

#9. Consume Carbs

When you go on a low car diet, ketones get released in your mouth as your body breaks fats instead of fats. This results in bad breath. To avoid this consume healthy complex carbs like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

#10. Drink Water

Keeping your saliva moist is the key to get fight bad breath. Make sure you drink enough water all through the day to keep your saliva moist and active.