Best 9 Tips To Wake Up With A Flatter Belly

Everyone wants a flat tummy but not all of them are able to control their cravings. But one needs to establish some ground rules about their lifestyle if they want to achieve their goals. If you are one of those people who keep looking at their belly and get disappointed, then here are some secrets you must follow. Avoid yogurt. Yogurts late in the night might be the worst thing you could do, because many yogurts available in the market have a lot of sugar in them. Plus, they have lactose which is bit difficult to digest. Inflammation and swelling are the consequences if these sugars are mixed together. If you still want yogurt to be a part of your daily diet, include it in your breakfast or lunch. Exercise! Even 8 minutes of intense exercise can help you lose weight. Do strengthening exercises using dumbbells. You can perform squats and different kinds of bending exercises. Take breaks in between for 20-30 seconds while you are exercising intensely.   Take A Cold Shower Before Going To Sleep. A cold shower leads to lowering of your body temperature. This leads to consumption of more energy as your body tries to bring the temperature back to normal, thus burning more calories. If you don’t like to have a cold shower, prefer lukewarm over hot. Have delicious breakfast Oatmeal, dark chocolate, red fruits, nuts, and a little cinnamon, all have butyric acid that helps in reducing inflammation in your body. This improves the intestinal activity and you are going to wake up less bloated. Say no to Chinese food. Chinese food might be super delicious and you would love having it every weekend but it has a lot of sodium which causes bloating. If you have one cup of Chinese soup, you have already consumed the amount of sodium that you should take throughout the week. Even Mexican food has a lot of sodium.   Lessen the consumption of sugar free chewing gum. Chewing gum has many bad effects on your health and one of them includes swelling. You swallow a lot of air when you are chewing a gum which causes bloating. Also while you are chewing a gum, a signal is sent to the brain which is responsible for awakening of hunger hormones. Say no to energy bars Energy bars contain lactose which causes swelling. Also they have soya beans which generate gas in the body. You have no idea how many calories are really there in an energy bar, even if it’s mentioned on the back.  Since it is processed food, people who eat it gain more weight than those who don’t. Avoid dehydrated goodies. Now we know how dehydrated fruits are good source of fiber but they have a lot of fructose in them. If these sugars are not absorbed, it will lead to swelling. Better have fresh fruits instead of goodies. Make your smoothies Commercial smoothies add a lot of flavors and unnecessary sugars to make it colorful and delicious. You can make your own shakes by adding spinach, almond milk, fruits and yogurt and it would be healthy and delicious.