These Things That Will Tell You All About Pregnancy & What To Do During Pregnancy

You’ve still coming to terms with the news and already, friends and family are flooding you with pregnancy information. Before your head starts spinning, remember that some of the advice may or may not hold for you. Will you ever be able to figure out what to do during pregnancy? Of course! These tips should give you an idea. Facebook can wait. Keep your pregnancy a secret till your first trimester as the first 12 weeks are when the baby is at its vulnerable most.Make a creative birth announcement – either by designing a special card or using a social network platform or app or even hosting a theme party.Create a diary. Note down how you feel, the different stages of growth, the wonderful moments, thefoods you love and loathe…makes for a great reading and ready reckoner during your second pregnancy. Click pictures at every stage. You can use these to compare how your body changes with every pregnancy in future. Hit the lotion bottle from day one and apply generously all over. Stretch marks aren’t selective and can strike anywhere.Stay healthy by following a workout regime that involves light cardio and yoga.Start hunting for maternity wear. If you hate the boxy readily available ones, get someone to design a wardrobe for you.Wear fitted clothes. It’ll make your bump look even cuter and you feel $exier. Avoid under-wire bras as they can constrict the milk producing glands. Better still, hang loose.Read up on baby products and make a list of your favourite brandsMaintain a handy list of questions for your doctor so you don’t forget them during your check-up.If you are on any medication, check with your doctor to see whether you can still take them. Pregnancy apps are also a great source of information and help you document changes. Find one that suits you.Sleep as much as you can. This is one luxury you’ll have to give up post baby.The one who snores the loudest will be you. Pregnancy causes swelling of the membranes in the nose.If you think snoring is bad, get used to involuntary burping and farting. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.Get used to feeling bloated. Fluid retention is inevitable and reflexology or propping up your feet are your best antidotes. If your ankles look like they belong to an elephant, don’t panic . They will soon look human.Everything that looks and feels funny is only a temporary condition. Consult a doctor if you have any doubts.If your hands and face feel too puffy, consult your doctor.Be prepared for mood swings; just take care not to kill anyone.If you feel hot sweaty flushes, it’s not a heart attack. It’s just your hormones speeding up your metabolism.Read up on the pros and cons of both C-section and normal delivery before making the choice. Be prepared to say goodbye to that flawless skin and lustrous hair that put you in this position. Keep your hair short to make it look fuller and healthier. It’s also less cumbersome to maintain.Read up on as many books that tell you all about pregnancy, but decide what to choose and what to ignore, depending on what suits you best. You could also get some handy pregnancy tips .looking at investment plans for children. Early savings will get them to that reputed college you wish you had been to.