7 Biggest Dating Fails That Can Happen To Anyone!

You met a girl in your college and you both hit well together. Moreover, in few days you have managed to convince her for dating. However, dating isn’t as simple and sweet as it looks. From deciding what to wear to who will pay the bill, there ae several brainstorming questions.First few days of dating can be some of the most agonizing moments of your life. It’s not like dating doesn’t get successful. But there’s nothing wrong to be ready for the worst. In this article I will let you know the biggest dating fails so you can get the idea and try to avoid to save your relationship.


Yes money is a major cause for that because some girls are too demanding and boys are poor.


Too many surprises can be discouraging as it demands time, petrol and money.

Be careful to judge him

Don’t forget to notice here his hands are moving, you will get to know his intentions.

This was an indirect invite? Am I right?

Over Confidence!

Generally who says these are the people who get dumped or don’t get any attention.

Pet Issue!

Yes, a pet can also be a major cause! Be aware

Level of outings

In the beginning people tend to go out more on date and later they avoid going on date just to see their favourite show.