The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About Your Relationship

A relationship is a beautiful thing to be in. The love that a couple shares is inexpressible. But many times problems pop up wich you may not realize. They may be small and negligible, to begin with. But with time, they grow out of proportion. We are no experts on relationship but we strongly believe that there are a few signs in every relation that if you notice keenly, you will realise what they stand for. Surprisingly, one of such sign of relationship includes the way you hug. There are different kinds of hugs that suggest different traits of a relationship. How close are two people bound together is shown by how you hug your partner. We bring you the basic understanding of different types of hugs. What you do about it is all up to you. Hugging like it's the end of the world. The tight hug that you don't want to let go is also known as Deadlock. This type of hug implies a serious relationship and that you don't want to get apart. But if this type of hug persists even after a long time in your relationship, then that's something you should talk to your partner about. This hug is justified if you haven't met each other for a long time. But if it is frequent, that means your partner has a fear of losing you or you are not giving enough security that your partner needs.

Hugging without much contact...

pecially with the lower body apart. This is a warning sign, that either your partner is dejected about something regarding you or is uncomfortable with you. Unless you guys had some dispute, you should take a note of this hug, as it means you or your partner don't want to come close.

Hugging with her legs wrapped around your waist.

This hug suggests that there is a huge physical attraction between you two and that both the partners are really passionate about each other. If you and your partner hug like this often, we believe you have a very awesome life in your bedroom.

 Hugging and maintaining eye contact.

This is the most intimate way of hugging. This hug is all about the connection. Connecting your body and soul, as it is said, "Eyes are the windows to the soul." So if you hug like this often, then your relationship is rock solid.

The Side Hug...

"buddy hug" are usually two people who have done something together. This type of hug means that you are not only romantically involved with your partner but that you guys are best friends. If you find yourself hugging your partner like this more often, then you have a very strong friendly relationship.

The Back Hug

This shows that there is trust and security in the relationship. The one in the front shows trust in the partner by turning back to him. On the other hand, the one in the back shows the protective quality. Together, they want to protect their partner by having their back. If that's not love, what is it?

One hugs with all the might while the other one stands still.  

This is the hug that may be described as a "one-way" street. If you are the one hugging, be alert - your partner may not be into you as much as you are. No matter what you do, a single wheel cannot pull the cart. It is the same way your relationship will be doomed if your partner is not completely into it.

Hugging in your own world.

If you hug your partner irrespective of where you are or without caring what the people around you think, and you forget about the world when you are hugging, then cheers! You're 'truly, madly, deeply in love' with your partner. Because at that very moment, all you care about is you and your partner, nothing else.