10 Best Perfumes With Long Lasting Fragrance For Women

Over the last few decades definition of grooming has evolved. And perfumes scents have found a special place in today’s women’s fashion wardrobe. Some like it with tones and hints of citric fruits barks or flowers. Some prefer it in floral lingering. Whether you like to settle for woody notes or you love the backdrops of vanillas, roses or peach plums, there one common thing that everyone wants from their perfume that the fragrance of their perfume should be long lasting.  Today here in the post I disclosing some of best perfumes you can invest in that will give you fragrance that will last all day long, check these out :

#1. Rebellious By BVLGARI

Fall in love with adventurous scents of rose, lilac and peach with the fascinating fragrance of Rebellious by BLLGARI. Crafted with exotic flowers like Ottoman rose and tea tree oil, the perfume is enriched with black berry and vetiver grass. Wear the perfume that emits epitome of luxury and class.

#2. The Sweet Teresa- Angel Face

This fresh, light, lady like is an exquisite fragrance from famed Dozen Roses collection. The enticing scent of this perfume makes it a desire of every of every woman. The enchanting scent of this perfume will turn the heads of everyone around the woman who is wearing.

#3. The Boss – Roberto Cavalli

The strong scent of this perfume is best suited to woman who is sensitive yet has a taste for provocative scents. The fragrance has an intense oriental-floral that is based on notes of pink pepper and vanilla.

#4. The Seductress – Flirtatious

This instant hit perfume has a fruity fragrance with an additive creamy vanilla and raspberry sweetness. The light gentle flowers scent features a honeysuckle, vanilla and wild berries for lady who loves to explore the world.

#5. The Mysterious – Alien By Thierry Mugler

The alluring fragrance is made for a woman who loves to spread a mysterious aura around her. The perfume has sweet blend of warm white amber at the base with woodsy notes in heart and sunny Indian jasmine on the top.

#6. The Elegant – Philosophy Amazing Grace

Philosophy amazing grace is light and feminine floral scent that has hints of mandarin, grapefruit, rose and freesia. The soft feminine scent has irresistible musk and lasting Muguet blossoms scent that will surely envelope your skin and aura with delicate touch.

#7. Idylle By Guerlain

The light airy fragrance of this perfume is like a shower of exquisite flowers that lends incisive freshness balanced with sensuality. Accentuated with rose, lilies, pivoine, jasmine and freesia the perfume includes notes of chypre, patchouli and white musk. The legendary scent of this ethereal fragrance will surely make the woman stand out in the crowd.

#8. Charming By C. Darvin

The delicate fragrance of black currant, floral jasmine, and ylang-ylang with essence of rose, sandalwood and Virginia cedar with vanilla is made for a cosmopolitan woman who has passion for style and carries herself with elegance.  The long lasting fragrance is good to go for all occasions.

#9. Yves Saint Laurent - Elle

The pure and subtle fragrance is meant for a woman who modern and chic in her style. The perfume is has long lasting scent that leaves an elegant shimmery trace with a hint of sophistication.

#10. Prada Candy L’Eau

This fragrance is epitome of sophistication and is modified with notes of citruses and flowers. The perfume is perfect blend of Italian citruses, floral sweet pea and white musk and caramel. The musky tones of this long lasting perfume are perfect for the chirpy chics who love explore new fragrances.