14 Hacks That Will Get You Vivacious Red Lips

There is something about the red color, especially when it comes to your lips. From being classic to ever ready modern day look, a red shade on lips is something that will never go out of trend.  Red shade is so versatile that it can be worn with any outfit and at any time of the day. The best part of red shade is that this color looks great on all kinds of skin tones. Here we are listing a few tricks that will get you perfect red shade making your lips bright and radiant.

#1. Apply Some Pressed Powder On Your Lips Before You Apply The Lipstick

Many women just don’t apply a red colour lipstick as it bleeds and creates a mess on your skin. To combat this, apply some pressed powder on your lips before you apply the lipstick. Apply the lipstick and blend it in to get a perfect red shade on your lips. Your lipstick will no longer bleed and this way it will last longer too.

#2. Give Your Lips A Dash Of Green Or Gold Sheen

Another reason why women don’t wear red shade is that the red shade looks to be too bright or dark to wear for a professional look or for a day when you hanging out with your friends. To tone down and even out the red colour, give your lips a dash of green or gold lip product. This will soften and balance out the colour and give you a cute chic look for that perfect date in evening.

#3. Apply Lip Balm Over Your Lip Colour To Get A Natural Shine

Makeup experts suggest investing in a lip balm that is waxier in texture than oilier. Lip balm does wonders to your lips as the form a base to your lip colour and prevents lips from chapping. Most women apply lip balm under their lips; however apply lip balm over your lip colour to get a natural shine and the colour sets well on your lips.

#4. A Drop Of This Fake Blood That Will Give Perfect Red Shade Lips

Remember the fake blood that you purchased for Halloween season, it’s time to put that in some good use. All you need is just a drop of this fake blood and apply it to your lips or even to your cheeks and blend in well. You will get super red colour on your lips that will give you a perfect red shade lipstick look and perfect red hue on your cheeks in no time.

#5 Hot VS Cold

When it comes to red, it’s not just one single red colour, there are both hot and cold hues of red to choose from. Instead of debating too long which shade will look great on your lips, pick 2 lip colours from both the tones. Apply the cooler colour on the entire lips and then apply the warmer shade in the center of your lips.

#6. Outline And Define Your Lips With A Waterproof Red Lip Pencil

To get a perfect red lip colour that will last all day long then just be bothered with layering up your lips. Outline and define your lips with a waterproof red lip pencil and fill the lips with a red colour lipstick. Then place a tissue on your lips and mash it up with your lips. Reapply the same matte finish lipstick and finally apply a coat of liquid lipstick. This way your lipstick will last you longer and you will not need to do the re-touches again and again.

#7. No Gloss Shine

Those of you who love the glossy lipsticks but hate how it finishes, follow this simple trick. Apply the glossy red lipstick and take a neutral colour and dab it on cupid bows and voila you have the picture perfect pout.

#8. Cherry Kissed Lips

To get the fresh fruit punch look on your lips, simply make your face like you are kissing your crush. Using your fingers dab red lip colour on your lips to get the natural look.

#9. Lip Shade On The Go

If you are travelling but do not have a space to carry whole lot lip shades, dab a foldable lip brush with loads of lip colour. This lip brush will not only help you to travel light but also come handy whenever you need a quick touch up.

#10. Instant Cool Lips By Mixing Cherry Powder With A Lip Balm

Give your lips an instant cherry tint by mixing cherry powder with a lip balm. You will no longer need to invest on cherry lip colour and this quick tip keep your lips moisturized too.

#11. Do Not Ignore The Concealer

To prevent the lipstick getting smudged on your face, outline your lips just below and above your lips with a dash of a concealer. This will ensure that your lipstick will stay in place.

#12. Choose the Right Lip Liners

Lip liners are essential to define the lip line however make sure that you pick lip liner and lipstick of same shade. If your red lip liner is over, then do not try to blend it with pink or other shade of lip liners. Instead use a nude shade lip liner to give your red lipstick a neat finish.

#13. Do Not Ignore Exfoliation

Ensure to take care of your lips by giving it a sugar based exfoliation once in a week. This way you will be able to slough off the dead skin and dry flakes from your lips and give them soft and smooth texture.

#14. Ombre Lips

Give your lips a unique dash of ombre shade, outline your lips with a grey colour eye liner and smear it with a q-tip. Fill in your lips with bold red colour lipstick to give them an ombre effect.