16 Genius Makeup Tricks That Will Change the Way You Look

In the modern age world today makeup is no longer associated to important dates, meetings or weddings. It has now become an essential part of everyday dressing. Whether you going to college or work or just going hang out with your friends, wearing makeup is just as important as your dressing. From enhancing your beauty to adding glamour to look, the colour cosmetics give an attractive touch to your beauty. Here through this post we are giving you makeup hacks that every girl must try on : Define Lips To give your lips a luscious look, define them with concealer brush. Apply lip liner on the outer lip line and fill in the lips with concealer brush as it defines the lips with precision and gives your lips a misty look. Heat Eye Lash Curler Heat eye lash curler with hair dryer, this will give you a better hold and neat shape to your eye lashes. Before using the curler on your lashes, make sure that it is not too hot, it should be slightly warm to touch. Apply Mascara Perfectly To apply mascara perfectly with no smudges, hold a spoon in a way that it hugs your lashes. This trick will allow you to even look on both eyes. Enhance Eye Shadows Pop up and enhance the colour of eye shadow pigments by applying white pencil or white eye shadow on the eyelids. This will bring out brighter shade of eye shadow hues on your eyes. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer Every now and then your lipstick needs a touch up and you need to apply it several times a day. To make your lipsticks last longer, apply lipstick on your lips, place a tissue on your lips and dust some translucent powder over it with help of a makeup brush. Instant Gel Eyeliner If you like to experiment, then try this one – turn your eye liner pencil to gel eyeliner. Hold pencil eyeliner near a flame for few seconds. The heat will melt the eyeliner and convert pencil liner to gel liner. Allow it cool for few seconds before applying it on your eyes. Add Thickness To You Lashes Instead of using falsies to get thick lashes, apply mascara with this trick to thicken your lashes. Apply a coat of mascara, allow it dry and lightly dab baby powder over it. Recoat your lashes with mascara and voila you will have thick and fuller lashes. Smokey Effect To create a smokey effect on your eyes, draw a hashtag sign on the corner of your eye lids. Once you have drawn the hashtag, smudge and blend it in well to get a smokey look. Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth Does your lipstick leave your teeth red, if yes then follow this simple tip. Stick your index finger in your mouth and wrap it with your lips and then pull it out. All the excess lipstick will come off on your finger. Hide Eyeliner Glitches Fix the eyeliner smudges on lids with help of concealer. Dab some concealer on a brush and gently cover the smudge, this will camouflage the eyeliner mistakes giving your eyelids a neat look. Tame Your Eyebrows Run a fine comb or a mascara brush on your eye brows to tame them. This will give perfect shape and arch to unruly eyebrows. Make Your Makeup Last Longer To make your makeup last longer on your face, hold it with hairspray. Close your eyes and tilt your head away and spray the hairspray on your face from some distance. This trick will make your makeup stay on your face. Buff Your Lips Exfoliate and buff your lips once in 10 days with a toothbrush to remove dry flakes and dead cells from your lips.' Restore Mascara To restore mascara that has already dried up and has become flaky, add a few drops of saline solution in your mascara tube. Shake it well to revive your mascara.