8 Beauty Hacks That Can Change Your Beauty Regime Forever

We women love to take care of our skin, makeup and beauty. However due to our busy schedules we are unable to give time to make ourselves look perfect. Whether its nails that need a quick fix or your hair that needs a trim, you can achieve all this and more by following some clever tricks that will save your time and give you a stunning look. Scroll over to find smart tricks that you can follow to make your beauty regime easier and get gorgeous looks in no time

#1. Fix A Broken Nail

If your nail gets broken just on the day when you all set for that perfect date, do not panic. Using a medium buffer, buff the nail, place a small piece of fabric and stick it on broken area with nail glue. Allow it dry and buff once again. Apply additional layer of glue and allow it dry completely and buff once again. Apply base coat and then apply nail paint matching your outfit and voila you are all set to get swooned by your man.

#2. Snip Off Split Ends

You don’t need to go to salon to get split ends trimmed. Get rid of those nasty splits with this simple trick. Divide your hair in small sections, take a section and twist it, the ends will pop out of the twist and you can snip the splits from them.

#3. Natural Waves

Get natural waves in your hair without having to use curling irons. Divide your hair into sections and braid each section separately. Run an iron over the braids Open the braids after few minutes. Your hair will have the natural waves that will last all day long.

#4. Home Made Dry Shampoo

Make your hair shiny, soft and smooth with this DIY dry shampoo. Mix arrowroot, corn flour and rice powder in equal quantities and add few drops of lavender oil. Your dry shampoo is ready to use. This comes handy when you don’t have time wash your hair.

#5. Use Mascara As Liner

In case you run out of eye liner, you can use mascara as your eyeliner pigment. Take eyeliner brush and dab it on mascara wand. Use the eyeliner brush and draw your eyeliner flick as usual.

#6. Conceal Dark Circles

We all know that you can hide your dark circles with concealer and most of us dab a few dots of concealer to cover them up. However the correct way is to apply concealer in triangle shape under your eyes and then blend it in well.

#7. Get Voluminous Ponytail

To make your pony appear fuller and longer, split your hair in top section and base section. Tie up your hair into a ponytail from top section and then take the hair from base section and form another ponytail. Fluff up the hair from top pony and you will voluminous ponytail ready for the day.

#8. Tame Your Eyebrows

Give your eyebrows a perfect look by setting them well. Tame them with eyebrow comb and then apply a coat of Vaseline over it. You can also spray hairspray on eyebrow brush and then tame your eyebrows to get a neat finish.