Bold Eyeliner Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

Eyes are considered to be the most attractive feature of our face then any other part. Bold eye makeup makes every girl look pretty and it is always in the trend. Do you know how to wear it? You must e well-aware as it remains in fashion all through the seasons. It is common to see models and celebrities wearing bold eye makeup and now the trend is up with every woman living who is into makeup. This makeup trick is not a rocket science and you would not be able to master the art of this eye makeup that easily. Here’s a guide for you if you wish to follow the trend and make every guy lose his mind when he looks into your eyes: Learn the Multiple Ways to Apply Bold Eye Liner
  •  First thing that you have to do is draw lines at the inner and outer corner of the eye and make sure that the lines are parallel to each other.
• When you have drawn the line then make the similar line on the same inner and outer corner of the eyes but there should be a little bit space between the lines. • Now connect the lines and fill the space between the lines and thicken the lines a bit. • After the thickening process outline the eyelids, the lines should be thin on the eyelids. First of All clean you’re Eyes! Eyeliner should be applied after cleaning your face as if you will apply it before applying makeup than there will be possibility that you will ruin your eyeliner. Take a Sketch Eye Liner or Thick Eye Liner Brush Never go directly for the bold eyeliner as then there will be low chances of correction. First of all draw a sketch with light outlining and then make it bold as much you want it to be. Now Stretch Your Eye Liner at the Corner When you are not experienced with the application of eyeliner then it will be better that you must do the outlining first and then go for the stretching of the arch. For the arch draw a leaf like light structure first and then apply layers to make it bold. Another Way to Boost the Eyes is Tight lining the Eyes If you want to give your eyes some Smokey looks then add some kajal to your lash lines. Draw tight lines in between both the lash lines and this will make your eyes looks fuller and much bigger than the regular size.   Watch Video Here : [embed][/embed]