The Secret Code To A Girl’s Mind Every Guy Must Know

You must have heard an old saying that a man’s heart is through his stomach, not sure how much of this is true; don’t know its current situation. But, what is the way to reach a woman’s, heart? It is generally said that no one can understand a woman, is that right? The secret code to reach her mind is not that what every man wishes! Most of the men I know find it very difficult to know understand a woman, but is that really very tough task to know what running inside their heart? Doesn’t how much you deny this fact, but the truth is that women are complex. But the amazing fact is that if you know the secret code to her mind, you would be THE MAN she would crazy for! You may still not be the one calling the shots in the relationship; however, you certainly will not be shot down by her changing temperaments or unexpressed expectations! Here you go, take a look at most useful tips for life!

1) She is Moody!

You are already aware that she is not the same every day. That doesn’t mean that she has some physiological issues, mood swings are always caused due to biological reasons. Women’s hormone levels keep changing and that impacts her brain, looks, and her body. It is important to notice her behavior patterns while a full cycle, as that, may help you to understand her requirements and mood swings better.

2) Spend Quality Time With Her!

Whether she is a reserved kind of girl or extrovert, she would always want to spend quality time with you. She likes to be real in front you, from politics, religion, festivals, friends, and kitchen talks, she would love to share everything with you. Give your special time to her and make her feel connected.

3) Respect Her Feelings, if She Want to Make Love With You

There might be times when she would like to flirt with you, doesn’t matter if you have older kids, she may wish to flaunt her desires. Always respect her feelings and make her feel comfortable doing that. She wants her partner to accept her changing shades without judging her. So, to understand her, it is very important to win her heart, trust and make her feel comfy enough to speak or share to you. Nothing should hold her to share her feelings with you.

4) She Never Like Blank Expressions

It is unbearable for a woman to bear the lack of response or black expressions. If she is expressing something with you, then do share your response and appreciate her effort.

5) Depression

A huge space with the partner, a sense of rejection from her partner or a situation when she has to curb her requires because her partner doesn't care for them often leads to anxiety in women. Such reasons are enough to make a woman depressed and sad. Pamper her and make her feel

6) Give Her Some Time

Men and women respond to fear and anxiety in a different way. While men are comfortable being aggressive or cold even if it leads to a fight, women try to avoid fights by being submissive or servile. It's not that women can't shout, it's just that it is not the first response mechanism for them. The catch here is that if a woman has been holding back too much, she may get back at you like a bolt of lightning.