11 Common Mistakes Every Pregnant Woman Should Avoid

Pregnancy is the most delicate part of a woman’s life as a new life breathes in her womb. During this time a woman needs to take extra care of herself both physically as well as emotionally. However there are times when women do not take care of small little things like eating habits, sleep pattern, lifestyle habits. This generally happens with women who are expectant mothers for the first time. Listed here are common mistakes women generally make during pregnancy, watch out for these errors and avoid them in your nine month journey of pregnancy

#1. One Should Have 5 To 6 Meals A Day And Avoid Having Long Gaps In Between Meals

Some women do not tend to change their eating pattern while they are pregnant and eat at long intervals. This leads to acid production in the body and can cause weakness. This is why it is important to modify your eating pattern and eat nutritious meals at regular intervals. Ensure to have 5 to 6 meals a day and avoid having long gaps in between meals.

#2. Avoid Oily – Junk Foods And Munching Senselessly

Many women do a blunder by snacking on fast foods like French fries burgers or pizzas. While a small indulgence once in a while is fine to satiate the cravings, it is best to avoid oily – junk foods. Chomping on junkies recklessly can trigger a weight gain which can lead to complication in pregnancy.

#3. Switch To More Soothing Beverages Like Fresh Fruit Juices

Caffeine is said to have bad effect on your pregnancy. It often leads to low birth weight of the baby and can even cause a miscarriage. Quit caffeine and switch to more soothing beverages like fresh fruit juices, fruit infused teas or coconut water.

#3. Woman Should Increase Her Water Intake By 300 Ml Water Per Day

Water is an essential component of our body. During the delicate period of pregnancy if your water intake is insufficient it can lead to dehydration and cause nausea, headaches, cramps and dizziness. According to doctors, a pregnant woman should increase her water intake by 300 ml water per day amid pregnancy and increase it to 700 ml per day during lactation period.

#4. Increase Your Hours Of Sleep Try Sleeping An Hour Earlier

Sleeping for lesser duration amid pregnancy can cause fatigue to your body. It is advised that a pregnant woman should sleep for 10 to 11 hours a day to have smooth labour and delivery process. To increase your hours of sleep try sleeping an hour earlier than your usual sleep time. Similarly sleep for 1 hour more than your usual wake up time.

#5. Lack Of Physical Activity

Exercising during pregnancy helps to combat stress hormones, boosts up circulation and keeps your weight in control. You don’t need to go for weight lifts or any strenuous exercise, instead go for a walk or do yoga exercises meant for pregnant women.

#6. Exposure To Passive Smoking

While it is mandatory for you to give up smoking during pregnancy, you must also avoid exposure to passive smoking. Passive smoking can cause a failed labour or low birth weight of new born or even lung issues to your baby.

#7. Liquor And Other Intoxicating Drinks

Any form of liquor or other such drinks are a big no during pregnancy. Pregnant women should avoid liquor as it can cause disorders in the fetus, lead to birth abnormalities and can cause issues in baby’s growth in the mother’s womb.

#8. Do Not Take Any Medication Without Consulting Your Gynecologist

If you are in habit of popping pills without consulting your health administrator then this can lead to issues in your pregnancy. Do not take any medication without consulting your gynecologist.

#9. Working Without Intervals

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, take breaks while you are at work. Walk a bit to relieve stress, this will prove to be beneficial for you and for your baby’s health school.

#10. Wearing Seat Belt Wrong Way

The correct way to wear seat belt during pregnancy is to place the belt under the baby bump and not across or middle of the bump. This will keep the baby safe in case of emergency. Make sure that the belt passes flat across your thigh and tight up against hip bone with belt placed in between your chest.