Get Instant Relief From Headache Just By Pressing These Magic Points

Acupressure has been known since ages to provide relief to several aches. Similarly, acupuncture is used as well. When you have throbbing headaches, the medicines don’t always work. This is when you should try acupressure.  After all, there are several side effects of chemical medicines, but you won’t have any side effects of acupressure. Here is what you need to do if you have headache.

#1. Practiced In China

It is a traditional medicine which is most practiced in China. It has been there since thousands of years. They generally use needles to release pressure from several points in the body. But, you can do that yourself by putting pressure by your fingers.

#2. Get Immediate Respite

When you read about these pressure points in detail and put it to use, you will notice results. Advice it to your friends and family and you’ll be appreciated for helping them out.

#3. You Have To Press Connecting Valley.

This point is situated between your thumb and forefinger, where they both are connected. If you apply pressure on it gently using your other hand, you will feel a certain amount of relief from headache or even toothache. If you are hung-over, or are having constipation, pressing this point could help with that too. Although, avoid doing it f you are pregnant.

#4. Press The Third Eye

We all know that third eye is known to be on our forehead, just above the skin between our two eyes. When you press this point, you will experience a certain relief from headache or eyestrain and stomach ache as well.

#5. Bamboos Can Be Pressed.

These are the points where the channel of nose connects to eye sockets. It is just below the corner of eyebrows. If you have a straining headache that just won’t go away, you can apply pressure on these points.

#6. Apply Pressure On The Five Points Of Temple

On the temple, there are known to be five points: hairline curve, valley lead, celestial hub, floating white and head portal yin.  Putting a little pressure on all these points subsequently, will give you relief from any progressive pain that you are feeling. If you press these all together, that would be immensely effective as well. #7. These Are Facial Beauty Spots The two points shown in the image are on the sides of nostrils, near your cheekbones. You will feel relief from severe toothache and anxiety when you press these points.

#8. The Point Behind The Head Is Called Wind Manor

This point is situated on your spine, in middle of both your ears. If you situate the point correctly, you will get relief from eye pain, nasal blockage, migraines and other kinds of headaches.

#9. Shoulder Well

Situated in the middle of your neck base and shoulders, pressing these points will help you get rid of shoulder ache and headaches. Even after having a tiring day, pressing these points would relax you. #10. Doors Of Cognizance The points are situated below the base of your skull, on your vertical neck muscles. If you have regular headaches and suffer from arthritis or rigid neck, pressing these points would provide you significant relief.